Fresh Logistics and Supply Chain Solutions

Plastic pallet transport of fresh cold chain is efficient, fast and clean!

Industry Status

As logistics transportation in the city, due to the refrigeration equipment is provided by the energy of gasoline, the refrigerated trucks sometimes need to wait for a long time to unload the goods, and during the waiting time, we have to inject the cold all the time in order to keep within the freezer minus constant temperature of 18 degrees, which virtually increased the transport costs. So for the logistics company in city, the cost of cold chain transport is very expensive.

Solutions from Liyang

The pooling logistics system of pallet and container should focus on the transition between the cold chain - Fast loading and unloading cargo, and insure the minimal exposure of goods at room temperature.

  • Li Yang provide a suitable pallet for cold chain, low temperature resistance and adaptable;
  • Without investment, you can have the storage and logistics loading system for cold chain;
  • You can manage transport with pallets and offsite return, which can make it easy for the upstream and downstream businesses;
  • Pallets of operations, without queuing and reduce the turnaround time.

Support services of solution

  • Static and dynamic pallet leasehold, provide and retrieve pallets across the country according to the customer's needs.
  • Provide food baskets leasehold and sales service, providing customers with high-quality storage and display apparatus;
  • Provide pallets cleaning and disinfection services, to ensure the safety of the goods;
  • Provide traceability services based on customer’s requirements;
  • Provide refrigerated vehicle distribution services.