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Plastic pallets manufacturer

Plastic pallets rental

warehouse case rental

Plastic dustbins manufacturer

Plastic crates manufacturer

Sales of plastic bacteria bottle and plastic bacteria basket

Customized plastic beer bottles box

Plastic pallets Sales

The pallet in Liyang covers ten series about hundred kinds of models, with an annual output of 4 million -5million pieces to meet most industry applications. Can also be customized according to customer demand.

Pallets rental

Leasing pallets can greatly reduce the logistics and packaging costs, the market practice of western countries for decades shows that rental pallet is a general trend, the rental model will also be the final choice of Chinese clear-sighted users.

Advantages for pallets rental

  1. Reduce costs, improve economic efficiency;
  2. Rent when you need, retreat when there’s no need;
  3. Pallet, sharing of resources, environmental protection, be beneficial to people;
  4. Optimize efficiency of supply chain.

Leasehold of warehouse case

  1. Using high-quality cold-rolled hardened steel, high strength, high load capacity;
  2. Unified specification, fixed capacity, easy to check stock;
  3. Galvanized surface, beautiful and anti-oxidation, long life;
  4. Adopt international standards, supporting the use of container, improve space utilization;
  5. It can be stacked four high with each other, to achieve three-dimensional storage;
  6. Surface treatment and environmental protection, health immunization, flow, storage recovery not pollute the environment;
  7. With forklifts, earth bull, lifts, cranes and other equipment can be efficient operated;
  8. Folding structure, low cost recovery, alternative of wooden crates;
  9. Can be installed of the wheel at the bottom, extremely convenient between internal turnover

Sales of plastic dustbins

  1. Acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, weather resistance;
  2. Delivery mouth with rounded design, safe and liqueur;
  3. Smooth surface, reducing waste residue, easy to clean;
  4. It can be set upon each other, easy to transport, saving space and cost;
  5. It can be used within -30 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ temperature range;
  6. There are a variety of colors, can be classified according to the demand;
  7. Widely used in a variety of environments, especially for waste collection, such as property, factories, sanitation and others.

Sales of turnover baskets

Economy (reusable) Environmental protection (protecting the environment) Health (acid mildew proof moth) security (no sting, no radiation can be stacked with a mesh basket turnover tasteless) portable (easy handling without repair). With the development of the world economy and the new era of the agricultural industry, turnover baskets will play an increasingly important role in the economy!

Sales of plastic bacteria bottle and plastic bacteria basket

  1. With automatic production, improve mushroom production.
  2. Not sensitive to season and weather change, can be produced all year round.
  3. Automatic sterilization, sterile mushroom, output pollution-free products, improve product value and increase economic efficiency.

Customized plastic beer bottles box

It is more convenient for storage and handling when using customized beer bottles box.