Pallets for logistic

Published on 2018/6/5

China National Salt industry corporation

China National Salt industry corporation ,as  the state –owned enterprise.More than 8000pcs 1.6x1.4m ,

8 tubes steel reinforced double faced  pallets needed per year.




TSINGTAO BEER ,one of leading beer industry company all over the world.

In the past 10 years ,TSINGTAO and LIYANG shake each hands very powerful.

Every year there  is more than 2millian dollars cooperation between us.

In the year 2011 ,Liyang was honored as best partner of TSINGTAO .




Coca-Cola Mainly do pallets rental in china.Every month ,all factories all over china , Coca-Cola rental

more than 10 thousands pieces of plastic pallets for cargoes transfer and storage.Products as 

1200x1000x150mm double faced design with steel reinforced.



WFP(World Food Program(me))

In the year of 2014 ,for supporting Noth Korea ,WFP need 8000pcs plastic pallets ,after long company

inspection .We defeat other competitors mainly from Shanghai and Zhejiang Province . Win the chance 

to have nice cooperation with WFP.



RedBull used to accept Wooden pallets only.With long time contact ,they accept Liyang to supply 2000pcs

plastic pallets in the year 2016.And in the year 2017,the quantity up to 8000pcs.



With Shandong Province government recommend,liyang was honored to supply CHINA GOLD plastic


8000pcs per year.Our pallets are holding Gold!